Plasma in Medicine

Plasma in Medicine

Expert & Leader of department: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dr.-Ing. habil. Jürgen Lademann

Expert for Plasma in Medicine

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Plasma technology has become a key technology for medical and biological applications. The use of plasma in surface modification and functionalization has been an established area of application for a number of years, for instance in underlying tissue for cell cultivation or medical implants. Low thermal strain on substrates makes plasma an interesting option not only for microbiological decontamination/ sterilization but also for the reprocessing of medical devices.

The therapeutic use of plasma directly on or inside the human body is an entirely new field coined ‘plasma medicine’ and is sparking a lot of interest. A very significant potential application for plasma medicine is in wound care, especially because poorly healing chronic wounds are an extreme burden on affected patients. Plasma opens entirely new therapeutic paths to supplement and optimize conventional wound care, offering the possibility of a surface antiseptic effect, the removal of dead tissue residues from the surface of the wound and the stimulation of new tissue formation in the underlying tissue.

Beyond these new therapy options in wound management, basic research in plasma medicine is providing important impulses to understand the complex mechanisms within plasma that influence cells and tissue, in the hope that further therapeutic opportunities can be derived in the middle and long term.

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