Organizational Development

Organizational Development

Expert & Leader of department: Dipl.-Ing. Bodo Ebens

Organization Development Expert

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Whoever aspires to be successful in the healthcare market into the future, must today introduce entrepreneurial ideas and specific strategies that are oriented to visions and missions. Measurable success can only occur if the whole enterprise, including all employees, is acquainted with the strategic goals. Modern hospital management tools are needed to achieve this goal (for instance  through Management by Policy, Six Sigma, etc.). These tools entail cascading strategic targets into tactical and operative goals at all functional levels. It is only then that operationalization is possible, e.g. through process optimization. The department of organizational development gives impulses for what is feasible and possible, and closes the gap between theory and practice. It does so by supporting the development of strategies, selecting strategic planning and management systems or implementing operationalization in the hospital industry.

 The objective of the Institut für Strukturentwicklung im Gesundheitswesen - IfSiG (Institute for Structural Development in the Healthcare System) is, therefore, to be on hand with help and advice for key medical players during the ongoing and profound structural changes within the German hospital system. The Institute advises hospitals on how to establish themselves sustainably in the face of intensified competition and facilitates contacts with potential (networking) partners.

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