The lymphatic system is one of the two main circulatory systems of the human body. It transports body's fluids, like the interstitial fluid, and moves this so called lymph fluid trough a network of periphal and central lymphatic vessels to the center of the thorax, where it enters body's other main circulatory system: the blood system. In it's way, the lymph fluid passes several lymph nodes, where it gets filtered and it's ingriedients are tested. If the lymph nodes note foreign particels, they signal tis to the immune system. This enables the immune system to answer to attacks or intruders, such as bacteria, and helps to prevent infectional diseases. If the lymphatic system is disturbed or starts to  malfunction, circulatory disorders may occur.

When the vessels of the lymphatic system and the surrounding body tissue starts to swell, because lack of transportation of lymph fluid, an lymphedema may develop. Though the may be located on many parts of the body, lymphedema most often occur on the lower limps and are not to be confused with edema that are caused by venous insuffiency. Lymphedema have to be treated with lymph therapy that moves the lymph fluid through manual compression and reduces the swelling. This has to be combindes with compression therapy, which includes compression bandaging and the usage of compression stockings, sometimes for life.

An effective lymph therapy includes many different actions, methods an materials. This requieres the participation of many professionals who cooperate in a coordinated action. Physicians of different professions, such als dermatologists and phlebologists, as well as specialised therapists are equally involved in the therapy of an patient with an lymphatic disorder. They are suported be nurses and providers of the needed health care products, such as bandages, stockings and intzermittend pneumatic compression.

Experts of different professions join the department lymphology of Medical Data Institute, to discuss todays care of patients with lymphatic diseases and develop strategies for further development.

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