Leo A. Nefiodow (St. Augustin)

Leo A. Nefiodow (St. Augustin)

Futurology Expert

Leo A. Nefiodow was born in 1939. He studied general telecommunications engineering at the Technical University in Darmstadt and worked in industry from 1965 to 1974 (at Siemens AG and IBM Deutschland GmbH). From 1974 to 2002 he worked in the GMD-Research Center for Information Technology / Fraunhofer Society in Sankt Augustin near Bonn. He became a member of the “Our Future Economy” study group at the Club of Rome in 2004.
One of the best known proponents of the long-wave theory, Leo A. Nefiodow is one of  information society's most distinguished experts. He has worked in IT research, development and application since 1965. Besides, he has been a consultant to the Federal Ministry for Research and Technology, to several federal state governments, international organizations and private enterprises. His professional focus includes futurology.
Leo A. Nefiodow is the author of more than 90 publications. His first book, "Der fünfte Kondratieff. Strategien zum Strukturwandel in Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft" (The Fifth Kondratiev. Strategies for Structural Change in the Economy and Society) was published in 1990. In this book, he demonstrates the key role which the IT sector plays in the present and future global structural changes.
His latest book  “Der sechste Kondratieff - Wege zur Produktivität und Vollbeschäftigung im Zeitalter der Information” (The Sixth Kondratiev – The paths to Productivity and Full Employment in the Information Age) was published in 1996 (the updated sixth edition was released in 2006). It is a forward-looking contribution for the early detection of the next long economic upturn and to overcome of the widespread perplexity in dealing with the turbulent issues of the day: Uncertain future prospects, high unemployment and underemployment, low productivity in the healthcare system, sluggish economic growth, increasing global strife, corruption and crime.
“The Sixth Kondratiev” is the first attempt to prove the long-wave theory and its forecasting ability. Leo A. Nefiodow demonstrates that health in the broad holistic sense –  physical, mental, spiritual, ecological and social – will be the carrier of a long new phase of prosperity in the 21st century.



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