Health Campus

Health Campus

Expert & Leader of department: Prof. Oliver Rentzsch, M.D. Dipl.-Ing.

Expert in Health Economics

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The need for medical care in our society is growing. This entails much more than the treatment of the critically ill. Treatments such as rehabilitation, nursing care for the elderly or the chronically ill, as well as preventative measures including sport, wellbeing and nutrition will be of fundamental importance in the future. The idea of a Health Campus® (a model life-cycle campus that is available to people of all ages, from birth to old-age, providing services for a healthy life) was conceived against this background.

A large hospital with traditional emergency care, as well as medical practices, medical centres and centres for minimally invasive surgery, is usually at the centre of a Health Campus®. A broad range of associated health services supplements medical treatment: care homes for older people, out-patient and in-patient care, family medicine, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, a pharmacy, a fitness studio, grocery shops, as well as accommodation and hotels for long-term patients and their relatives. At the same time, a treatment network of this kind generates the circumstances for creating lasting ties with patients. In addition, agreements with health insurers give medical services providers a long-term economic perspective.

Until now, Europe has not seen this kind of life-cycle-oriented model. A team of medics, health economists and strategy consultants has planned the Health Campus® in detail, so that the establishment of the first Health Campus in Germany can be expected in 2008.

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