Dr. Colin M. Krüger, M.D. Dipl. oec. med. (Berlin)

Dr. Colin M. Krüger, M.D. Dipl. oec. med. (Berlin)

Surgeon & Visceral Surgery Specialist, Health Economist

Dr. Colin M. Krüger is a specialist in surgery and visceral surgery, as well as being a health economist. He is currently a senior physician at the Surgery Hospital at the VIVANTES Clinic Berlin Neukölln. Since 2004 he has been Owner and Managing Director of SiCo-Medical – Science, Consulting & Medical Service. In this capacity, he has been a consultant to  companies such as Fresenius Biotech GmbH, Munich and W.O.M. – World Of Medicine AG, Berlin.
Through his many years of clinical activities, a variety of collaborations with national and international as well as local medical and medical technology companies were formed. The main focus of these partnerships has always been the improvement and further development of industrial medical technology relating to clinical needs - true to the motto:
“We strive to develop future technology that people will want to buy, and not be forced in  future to buy technology that cannot help us”
Core clinical activities

• Oncological surgery of the upper and lower intestinal tract
• Minimally invasive surgery on malignant and benign diseases of internal organs
• Involvement in prospective clinical studies, especially in the oncology sector

The focus of his independent work is the improvement and development of algorithms for individual oncological therapy planning.


www.sico-med.de – SiCo-Medical – Science, Consulting & Medical Service
www.dgch.de – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Chirurgie
www.dgvc.de – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Visceralchirurgie

Curriculum vitae

since 2007
Senior physician with the surgery hospital at the VIVANTES Clinic Berlin Neukölln
Master of Business Administration (executive MBA)
Specialist for visceral surgery
since 2005
Founder and managing director of the SiCo-Medical – Science, Consulting & Medical Service
Additional qualification: Emergency medicine
Specialist for surgery
since 2004
Founder and partner of the CATAPLAN GbR – innovative Medizinarchitektur (innovative medicinal architecture)
Appointment as the senior emergency physician of the Südwestpfalz
2001 - 2003
Second degree in business administration / health economy
Promotion within the subject of medicine at the FU Berlin
2000- 2001
Research leave at the University of Ulm
Subject: Caspase-1 dependent damage mechanisms within the experimental pancreatitis at isolated pancreatic acinic cells of the rat
Start of his residency within the surgery department at the University of Ulm
Third state examination and medical license in Berlin
High-school diploma in Berlin
Surgical Schools

Universitätsklinikum Ulm (university hospital) (Prof. Dr. H. G. Beger)
2002 – 2005
Universitätsklinikum Homburg / Saar (university hospital) (Prof. Dr. M. Schilling)
Starting Sept. 2005
Hospital Neukölln, Berlin (Prof. Dr. Dr. A. Holzgreve)
• Deutsche Gesellschaft für Chirurgie (German surgery society)
• German society for visceral surgery
• Berliner Chirurgische Gesellschaft (Berlin surgical society)
• Bund Deutscher Notärzte (union of German emergency physicians)
• Vereinigung Berliner Notärzte (association of Berlin’s emergency physicians)
• Mitglied der Berlin-Lounge – Wirtschaftsbörse der mittelständischen Unternehmen, Berlin
• Member of the Marburger Bund (Marburger association)
• Member of the Hartmannbund (Hartmann association)

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