Dr. Christian Jäkel, M.D. (Lübben)

Dr. Christian Jäkel, M.D. (Lübben)

Physician and Specialist Attorney in Medical Law

Dr. med. Christian Jäkel works as a physician and a lawyer for health law. He has been associated with the Sozietät Dr. Rehborn, Office Berlin, since 2006. Before he studied jurisprudence, he had worked as a certified physician in the emergency and intensive care medicine and surgery for five years and did a PhD of pathology in 1995 at the University of Leipzig.
Today he works exclusively as a lawyer in the field of medical law.
His priorities include:

• Pharmaceutical Law
• Medical Devices Law
• Law governing contract physicians
• Professional law of physicians
• Law of compensation of healthcare professions

Dr. med. Christian Jäkel is a member of numerous scientific societies and working groups and gives advice to the International Institute for Health Economics. Due to his expertise not only in the medical but also in the legal medical field he is an important tie  between science and health economy regarding all legal questions.



Dr. med. Christian Jäkel ist Autor zahlreicher Publikationen und hält regelmäßig Vorträge im Bereich des Medizinrechts.




Curriculum vitae

2009 -
Foundation of own chamber for medical law (Kanzlei Dr. Jäkel)
Joining the Sozietät Dr. Rehborn (Association Dr. Rehborn), Office Berlin
specialized lawyer for medical law
2001 - 2006
Lawyer of the chamber Gleiss Lutz with the top priorities: Pharmaceutical / medical devices law as well as medical law
2. state law exam
1998 - 2000
Legal clerkship
1. state law exam
Graduation at the pathology institute at the Universität (university) Leipzig
1994 - 1998
Freelance medical work (emergency physician, air rescue station Senftenberg; Rehabilitationsklinik Massow (rehabilitation clinic); stand-in in practice)
1994 - 1998
Law studies at the University of Potsdam
1990 - 1994
Physician within the district hospital Lübben (surgery, intensive-care medicine, emergency medicine)
Approbation as a physician
1984 - 1990
Studies of medicine at the Universität Leipzig
• German Society for Medical Law (DGMR)
• Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kassenarztrecht (German society for legal aspects regarding panel doctors)
• Working group medical law within the Deutscher Anwaltverein - German Bar Association (DAV)
• German Society for Hospital Hygiene (DGKH)
• Work group hospital and practice hygiene with the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Wissenschaftlichen Medizinischen Fachgesellschaften (AWMF - association of the scientific medical societies in Germany)
• German Society for Regulatory Affairs
• Arbeitsgemeinschaft in Brandenburg tätiger Notärzte (AGbrN - working group of emergency physicians active in Brandenburg)
• Förderkreis der Forschungsstelle für Pharmarecht (society for the promotion of a research center for pharmaceutical law) at the Philipps-Universität Marburg
• Co-publisher of Krankenhaus & Recht (Hospital & Law; Nomos-press/pmi-press)
• Column co-publisher Recht Notfall & Rettungsmedizin (Law Emergency & Emergency Medicine; Springer Medical Press),
Counselor pharmaceutical law (C. H. Beck-press/pmi-press), Counselor medical devices law (Nomos-press/pmi-Verlag)
• Counselor clinical research and law (pmi-press)
• Counselor hygiene & medicine (mhp-press)

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