Bodo Ebens, Dipl.-Ing (Hamburg)

Bodo Ebens, Dipl.-Ing (Hamburg)

Expert in Organizational Development

Bodo Ebens, a graduate biomedical engineer, has been a member of BERCHTOLD Holding AG's management board since 2010 and is a consultant for organizational and structural development within the healthcare system. As Chief Strategy Officer, he is responsible for strategy development within the BERCHTOLD-Group. He is also Managing Director of  BERCHTOLD Consulting GmbH, part of the BERCHTOLD-Group, with its head office in Schaffhausen (Switzerland), where he is in charge of global consulting and management business in the healthcare system. Bodo Ebens has several years' experience in leading roles within the medical, service, pharmaceutical and medical technology industries.
Over the last few years, Bodo Ebens has concentrated particularly on the development and marketing of innovative clinical business models, and presently his main focus is the implementation of strategic management tools in hospitals. His wealth of experience gained from activities in different healthcare systems, both in highly developed markets as well as in emerging Far Eastern countries, have influenced him in the development of feasible concepts.
In the past, Bodo Ebens made a significant contribution to projects with varying thematic priorities, such as technology, organization, investment and mergers & acquisitions, in Europe and overseas. He was also involved in long-term consultancy projects in North Africa and the Gulf region.
Further key activities:
• Assessment of technology with regard to clinical user value
• Development of regional healthcare structures
• Implementation of innovative finance and usage concepts for clinical technology
• Development of corporate management tools for hospitals
• Development and introduction of innovative clinical operational concepts for franchise-systems.

Bodo Ebens has won various prizes and awards in the fields of biophysics research and multimedia information processing in healthcare.




Since 2010
Chief Strategy Officer in the board of the BERCHTOLD Holding AG in Schaffhausen (Switzerland),  Managing Director of the BERCHTOLD Consulting GmbH Schaffhausen (Switzerland)
Managing Director MITC GmbH and advisor to organizational and structural development within the healthcare system
Head of Healthcare Consulting in the Dräger Medical AG & Co. KGaA.
Independent advisor in the healthcare system Worldwide consultancy projects with the top priorities organizational and strategic as well as technology and profitability consultations in hospitals
Leading position in the field of medical engineering, medical informatics, organizational development at the central hospital Zentralkrankenhaus Bremen-Nord
Leading position within biophysics by the Beiersdorf AG Hamburg research center
Scientific assistant at the Hamburg Eppendorf University Clinic
Studies of pre-clinical medicine at the faculty of medicine at the Heinrich-Heine University of Düsseldorf
Studies of biomedical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg
Memberships / Voluntary Activity
• Member of the Fachverband Medizintechnik Hamburg (professional association for medical engineering)
• Member of the Forum der Gesundheitswirtschaft e.V. (panel for health economy)
Winner of different research prices in the field of biophysics as well as awards in the field of multimedia information processing within healthcare


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Prozessoptimierung als Handlungsoption zur Sicherung von Innovations- und Investitionsfähigkeit
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